As the school year comes to an end many young athletes are planning to attend sport specific exposure camps and club team tournaments. With hopes of being recognized by high school & college coaches, many athletes are led to believe that this alone will properly prepare them for the upcoming Fall season. Unfortunately, this is not the truth. Today we see more injuries in middle and high school athletes than ever before. The problem is over competing and under training.

The summer has become an additional sport season that consists of weekend tournaments and club leagues. A large percentage of athletes are convinced to play more games rather than train to get bigger, faster and stronger. They play games during the week for one team and then travel during the weekend to play in tournaments for another team. Ironically, this is not the sport they will play in the Fall for their school. They enter the season without the proper mental, physical and motor development. The result is usually injury and poor performance due to fatigue.

Summer Is The Time To Train

Young athletes and their parents must understand that you do not prepare by playing more; you prepare by training properly. A common mistake made by parents and young athletes is not taking a season off. The summer is a critical time in a young athletes career. It is the time to take a break from sport specific movements and train to enhance physical qualities. The athlete who trains properly and increases his size, speed and strength becomes more powerful. As a result, he is able to maximize his sport skills for the upcoming season. This is the athlete who performs at a higher level than his competition, recovers faster and remains healthy throughout the season.

Training Objectives

The two main objectives in any training program should be to enhance injury reduction and increase athletic performance. At Get The Edge we begin by teaching our athletes how to train. We breakdown complex movements into learnable segments and teach strength training fundamentals. We then focus on improving movement, strength, speed, power, and conditioning. This is done through a sequence of exercises using logical progressions. Complimenting this, we incorporate regeneration strategies that help facilitate recovery and increase the body’s ability to mentally and physically reboot. All athletes are closely supervised with attention always paid to proper technique and safety. We take pride in delivering the best experience possible while staying focused on each athlete’s individual’s goals. In order to do this, we limit the enrollment.