If you want to unlock your athletic potential, this camp is for you! Our program is designed to enhance all components of athleticism. Athletes that are explosive, fast and healthy have a huge competitive advantage over those who simply focus on sport skills. It’s simple, the stronger, faster athletes win.

The summer is a critical time for young athletes. It is the time to prepare for the upcoming season. However, instead of preparation, they are convinced to choose exposure. They travel all over the country to attend camps with hopes to be seen by college coaches. As a result they are not physically prepared. This leads to injury and/or below average performance.

Today’s young athletes and parents must understand that you do not beat your opponent by playing more; you beat your opponent by out preparing and training smarter.

Our mission is to teach young men how to prepare both mentally and physically for their upcoming athletic season. Our program concentrates on enhancing the components of athleticism. This includes flexibility, balance, coordination, strength, speed, power, endurance, durability and self-confidence. By doing so we enhance injury reduction and instill a work ethic that will give each athlete “the edge” during and after their athletic career.

Last year our program included student-athletes from the following sports: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Swimming, and Wrestling. Its simple, either you get the edge or you give it away.

The Workout

Every workout follows a specific sequence that optimizes performance while avoiding over training.

Warm-Up – enhance performance while decreasing risk of injury during training.

Explosive Power – jumping, hopping, throwing, landing and deceleration techniques.

Linear & Lateral Speed – increase first step, ten yard quickness & top speed. Agility – improve the ability to accelerate, decelerate, stop and re-accelerate at high speeds.

Reaction – optimize the ability to react to a visual que or movement by an opponent. Strength – increase strength and power by performing ground based, multi-joint, and multi-directional exercises.

Conditioning – sport specific that will enhance your ability to maintain high levels of effort for longer periods of time during competition.

Its simple, either you get the edge or you give it away.