Sports Performance Program

The start date is Monday, July 6th. Sessions are conducted every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday evening.

The High School Program (for male athletes entering grades 10-12) concentrates on improving all components of athleticism including mobility, posture, coordination, strength, speed, power, endurance, durability, nutrition, mental toughness and self-confidence. (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, 7:00pm - 8:45pm)
The Middle School Program (specially designed for male athletes entering grades 8-9) is a concentrated version of the High School Program. This unique program includes injury reduction exercises, movement & strength training fundamentals to give each athlete “the edge.” (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, 6:00pm - 7:15pm)
The Workout
Every workout follows a specific sequence that optimizes performance while avoiding over training. The main objectice is  is to improve movement efficiency using the tools and philosophy we believe in. The workout becomes progressively more challenging after fundamental movements and basic techniques have been mastered. 
  • Warm-Up - drills to improve flexibility, mobility, core strength and coordination while decreasing risk of injury during training.
  • Explosive Power - jumping, hoping, throwing, landing and deceleration techniques.
  • Linear Speed - drills designed to enhance acceleration, deceleration, transitioning and top speed with an emphasis on injury prevention.
  • Multidirectional Speed - drills designed to improve deceleration, lateral and rotational movement skills, change of direction and reactive agility.
  • Strength - increase relative body strength by learning the proper positions and patterns necessary to perform ground based, multi-joint, and multi-directional strength training exercises.
  • Conditioning - enhance ability to maintain high levels of effort for longer periods of time during competition.
  • Mindset - introduce & practice techniques to build mindfulness and enhance focus.