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Summer Training, Regeneration & Recovery

As the school year comes to an end many young athletes are planning to attend sport specific camps, college recruiting camps and club team tournaments. With hopes of being recognized, many high school athletes are led to believe that this alone will properly prepare them for the upcoming season. Unfortunately, the truth is that today we see more injuries in middle and high school athletes than ever before. The problem is over competing and under training. When exposed to early specialization without the proper mental, physical and motor development, the result is usually injury and poor performance due to fatigue.

Simply put, young athletes and parents must understand that you do not prepare by playing more; you prepare by training properly and this includes mental and physical recovery.

Our program concentrates on enhancing all components of athleticism. This includes flexibility, balance, coordination, strength, speed, power, endurance, durability and self confidence. Complimenting this, we incorporate regeneration strategies that help facilitate recovery and increase the body’s ability to mentally and physically
reboot. This is extremely important during the summer season for those athletes who are showcasing their skills and competing in front of college coaches.

We do not believe in running our athletes into the ground and taxing their bodies and mind. Our primary focus is to enhance performance while enhancing injury reduction.

One more way we help you “Get The Edge”.